6 Tips to Promote Your Business Around Halloween 2023

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Your Business Around Halloween

And the day is here!

Halloween has been a popular event across the UK and other countries. Brands can benefit from clever marketing. Halloween is an ideal opportunity for businesses to connect with customers in festive ways.

You can craft spooky marketing campaigns to reveal your best products at discounts. You can share videos and images. However, others may benefit simply by putting up Halloween decorations and inviting local customers for a quick treat.

If you are confused about beginning or planning the marketing for Halloween 2023, the blog may help. It lists some unique and tested ways to promote your business in the best way.

What are Some Halloween Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales this Year?

According to recent stats, “Halloween sales may hit £777million in 2023. It is 13% more than what it was in 2022. Thus, businesses must leverage the opportunity and capitalise on their offerings. Read ahead if you want to double up the revenue gear before Christmas!

1) Update your Email List with Popups

It is the best time to invest in building your email list or subscribers. One of the best ways to do so is by adding a popup to your website. You can change the look of the landing page slightly. You can renovate it in the theme.

You must think that pumpkins, cobwebs, and witch hats aren’t your thing. It is not related to business. However, when your audience preps for Halloween, it will attract them. Think about hosting a discount on your products in a Halloween fashion.

 For example, – “Scare” away the financial fears. Get an affordable car loan now.” You can get more creative and design the best email campaigns with couch-jumping offerings and discounts. Even if 100 people visit the campaign, you can expect at least 40 to make it to the email list.

2) Run PPC Ads in Halloween Fashion

Halloween is special for enterprises and small businesses alike. Thus, you can target specific Halloween-related keywords for your brand. Check whether you can make a long tail keyword by merging the trending Halloween keywords. It would surprise you to analyse the combinations.

Moreover, you can find some keywords with more search volume and low competition by exploring it this way. PPC campaigns are a great way to make a presence before a huge audience. It allows a business to create awareness about its products and attract customers with discounted rates. 

Keep your content relevant to your business purpose besides targeting Halloween-specific keywords. It would help you gather more genuine leads or customers. However, PPC campaigns require a sound budget to target a good audience set. If you want to target around 50k customers, but your budget justifies only 5k, check instalment loans from direct lenders hassle-free.

You can use these loans to leverage the opportunity without regretting it later. As these are installment loans, you can pay the dues in monthly repayments/instalments. The repayments stay fixed on the loan. It implies you can easily budget and pay the loan timely.

3) Utilise Seasonal Campaigns to Drive Engagement

Running a themed contest is another way to catch the eyeballs. There are multiple ways to attract an audience through social media. One of these is through user-generated content.  What could be a better time than Halloween? 

You can launch a Halloween costume contest for your customers. Ask them to share their photos with the best spooky costume for the day. Host a winning price to make it more interesting. Pair these posts up with unique hashtags. It engages the audience and promotes your products and services in the unique way possible.

For example, a campaign #bringonthecandy by Crest is a great example to capitalise on a seasonal trend. In this, the brand invited the customers to enter a competition. The winners were promised a limited-edition candy. They have to say a word about the candy. This campaign drives stunning engagement along with raising the message around their product.

4) Check DIY Halloween Labels and Packages

How about adding a spooky touch to your packaging this Halloween?

Yes, you can DIY or personalise your product packaging with a Halloween theme. Moreover, you can also market your business with Halloween-themed business cards.

You can encourage your customers to click a photograph of the packaging and send it to your Instagram handle. It would help you create the best engagement on social media. It would attract individuals who know little or nothing about your brand.

 You can even provide them with reward points to do this. They can leverage that later on their next purchase. These labels are easy to print, peel, and stick. The best packaging reveals the brand’s values and customers’ trust.

5) Treat your Subscribers with Exclusive Discounts

 Your subscribers and loyal customers deserve more than simple and general discounts. If they are your regular customers, prepare personalised discounts. It would make them value your brand more and feel needed and valued. Moreover, ensure that your most valued customers do not miss the exclusive treats.

You can send the mail series for a week. On the last day, you can send a reminder mail about the amazing discounts they may benefit from. Do not forget to create urgency with the timeline to grab the offer or the product at the respective prices. It is a tested and verified approach to maximise your engagement and profit bar on Halloween.

6) Run a Halloween Flash Sale

Host a Halloween Flash sale to clear out excess inventory material you have. You can provide these products at a great deal like 70% discount to customers. You can also offer some items as gifts on orders above £500 or £1000, etc. Moreover, you can provide these gifts with free shipping on an auspicious occasion. It is the right time, as the Black Friday sale may hit soon. So, posting sales before that is the best way to maximise customer satisfaction and sales. 

However, you must check the quality of the products before selling them at giveaway prices. If you need to update them or make some changes, do so now. Many businesses, amid business marketing campaigns, payrolls, and ordering fresh products, lack sufficient money. Thus, if you need urgent money now, contact the best direct lenders. You may get instant cash help to rationalise the flash sale successfully.

Bottom Line

This Year, Halloween falls on October 31. Thus, there is limited time to pick the best strategy to prepare products, engage people, and market them. You must send mail reminders before the flash sales to your email subscribers and regular customers.

 It would help you attract more customers to the Halloween sale. Moreover, keep your campaigns in tune with our brand policies and beliefs. Customers prioritise how you make them feel. Thus, attempt the best way to beat the Halloween sales! Happy Halloween.

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