Career in ServiceNow: Is it worth it?

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To begin with, ServiceNow refers to a cloud-based workflow automation platform that businesses use to automate their IT operations and track their digital assets. Furthermore, this platform facilitates easy integration, digitization, and process automation and facilitates a ticketing solution for incident, issue, and change management. 

How Can I Become a ServiceNow Developer?

ServiceNow Developer is a very high-profile and high-paying job opportunity and companies are willing to pay handsome salaries to these professionals. To become a ServiceNow developer, you need to have some necessary technical skills that will be useful in your job profile. You should be well aware and capable of using software applications and programming languages along with numerous kinds of data analysis tools and other technical resources.

Furthermore, you should be quite efficient and proficient in ServiceNow’s core functionality including incident management, change management, and many more. Above all, getting relevant certifications offered by ServiceNow will prove your field of expertise and give you deep insights into the job aspects. Below are some of the significant and necessary steps you have to follow to become a ServiceNow Developer. 

  • Gain a Solid Foundation in Programming Languages- Becoming a ServiceNow Developer requires you to have a good understanding of programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, or Python. Furthermore, this job role requires you to have a great understanding of data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented programming.
  • Learn ServiceNow Platform Fundamentals- You will have to learn the fundamentals of the ServiceNow course and gain a good understanding of its modules, applications, user interface, menus, forms, and lists. This approach will ensure that you understand the workings of different components and functions in ServiceNow. 
  • Participate in ServiceNow Training and Certification Programs- Many institutes provide ServiceNow Developer Online Training and one can enroll in them to start a career in this domain. Furthermore, once you gain valid certifications, the chances for your job opportunities are enhanced a lot in comparison to non certified professionals. 
  • Gain practical Experience Through Projects and Internships– Gaining practical experience in this domain is a must after the completion of training programs. For this, you can enroll in internship programs or contact with part-time job offers. Practical experience will also provide you with guidance from experienced professionals. 
  • Build a Strong Portfolio- Now the next thing you have to do is create a strong portfolio and show your expertise. Showcase your finished projects in the portfolio along with the project objectives and challenges you faced. Also, keep on updating your portfolio as you gain more and more experience.

Is ServiceNow Developer a Good Career?

Many Candidates ask the question Is ServiceNow Developer a Good Career before enrolling in the training classes. Absolutely Yes, ServiceNow is one of the best domains in the IT field that pays handsome salaries to its professionals. It’s because ServiceNow is a highly demanded software tool in the market and it is gradually and continuously gaining great popularity. Learning ServiceNow offers you opportunities for diverse job roles such as system admin, consultant, or architect. This software tool has a global reach and numerous leading companies use it for managing business operations. Thus, it can be concluded that ServiceNow is surely a promising and good career that is not going to change in the upcoming few decades.


Businesses use ServiceNow to track their digital assets and automate IT activities. In addition, this platform makes process automation, digitization, and easy integration possible. It also makes incident, issue, and change management ticketing simple. Companies are willing to pay ServiceNow Developers significant wages as these professionals are in high demand. In order to work as a ServiceNow developer, you must possess a few technical skills that are relevant to your role. In conclusion, acquiring knowledge in ServiceNow can lead to a variety of career paths.

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