Proven Strategies to Raise Traffic to your Business Website

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According to a fact, “around 53% of website traffic comes from organic search results.” What would you do for your business the most as a marketer or a business owner? Customers. Right? Every business owner wants to increase the customer count without losing the existing ones. If any business excels in that, it grows consistently and beats the competition. Lacking the right traffic implies that your potential customers are missing what you need to sell. It eventually may lead to a huge business loss.

The blog discusses further reasons for having high website traffic and tested ways to ensure the same.

Why is Consistently High Website Traffic Important?

Website traffic is nothing but the number of individuals landing on your website. When someone lands on your website regardless of the source and explores products, he is a visitor. He may land up by searching the company name, through referrals, social media, paid marketing campaigns or through organic SERP ranking. When this happens, your website gets more clicks, form filling, enquiries and increased email subscribers.

Eventually, the search result may consider your website an authentic source of information and assist the searcher in landing on your website for information. More people see your intent or know more about your offerings. They may purchase too. For example, if 200/month individuals land on your website now, you can improve the numbers to nearly 10000/month using the right website traffic techniques. It implies more visibility in the search engine and high revenue growth.

Thus, having genuinely good website traffic could prove remarkable for your business growth. Thus, you must try some tested facts to improve your website traffic.

How to Boost Website Traffic for Business Growth?

Organic traffic closely links to a higher conversion rate. You can grow traffic by delivering tailored, high-quality content that aligns with users’ search intent. Address their concerns, pain points, and requirements and provide a lasting solution to their problems. It is because posting something that genuinely interests them is better than choosing products and content anonymously. Once you do so, it will boost your website traffic.

There are other ways to improve your website traffic. Read ahead:

1) Improve your website SEO

It is one of the primary techniques you must nail to improve your website visibility in SERPs or search results. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the best technique to optimise your website for the search. Moreover, around 71% of the traffic comes from SEO practices or first-page search results. If your website makes it to the first page, you may get more website clicks, traffic and probably a call, too. You can improve the SEO strategy by:

  • Researching the right key phrases to target the audience
  • Address and target long-tail keywords and phrases
  • Apt keyword placement in content
  • Internal linking
  • Improving the page loading speed
  • Having an easy-to-use navigation and interfacemk

2) Get Creative and Active on Social Media

It is a waste of resources if you do not share content that you optimise and create. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter grant business exposure to a wide audience frame. Thus, promote your content on social media. You may get traffic from there as well. It would drive backlinks to the posts or the links of the blogs that you share on these platforms. 

However, research the best platforms that you may find your audience on.

 For example, if you run a clothing line for older adults 9-17 years old, Instagram may be the best social platform to connect with your audience. Before posting anything, check relevant hashtags and add a long caption that describes the post well. Moreover, you can run marketing campaigns addressing the same audience section. Do it after your business garners a good customer base and followers.

You can use paid marketing techniques like FB and Instagram marketing to showcase your new line or winter collection for children. To target a huge audience base, you must invest a flexible amount. Paid marketing is the quickest way to get interested leads and close the sales target. Moreover, the occasion period is the best way to reveal new arrivals and discounts. Thus, launch it now with the help of financial equipment like unsecured personal loans from direct lenders. It is the best way to capitalise on the opportunity without worrying about financial pitfalls.

3) Adding Long-form Content to your Website

According to the recently launched October core update, factors like authority, expertise, and experience are prime parameters to rank online. Businesses must focus on creating long-form content and mostly evergreen posts of nearly 2000 words to attract visitors. It is an ideal content length that ranks well in the SERP.

The content must be helpful and supported with facts and statistics that reveal the authority and relevance of the topic. It must be well-researched with clear headings and sub-headings. Moreover, it should include the relevant phrases and keywords that help the search engine and individuals know the gist. You can support it with relevant graphs, data, infographics, and examples.

4) Interview with the Thought Industry

Do you believe that interviews with the big industry leaders in your industry can help traffic? Yes, it does. You must reach out to the popular leader in your industry and conduct a short interview. Ample applications will surprise you.

Thus, reach out to the person through a well-organised mail. After the interview, publish this on your website. Individuals following the personality would love to go through it at least once. Eventually, it would help boost brand reliability and boost traffic to your website. If the interviewee does, it will benefit your brand and website.

However, finding the person, setting up interview dates, providing an outline of the interview purpose, and the right equipment and technology require sufficient cash backup.

 Individuals working as partners in the firm find it challenging to operate within limited finances. If you can relate to the situation, options like joint personal loans can help. It would help you launch the best interview and target the best customers with little trouble. Both individuals share equal responsibility to pay the loan repayments timely.

Bottom line

These are actionable ways to regulate and attract more website traffic. It would help you gain more business reliability and revenue and boost the customer count. Thus, if you get low leads or lose customers, it is high time to revise the website strategy. Consistent efforts towards improving website traffic and optimization help you reach goals quickly.

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