Flight Tales: A Student Journey From Chicago to Amsterdam

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When you are a student, you are always seeking new experiences to satisfy your curiosity in addition to making new friends or learning new things. The act of traveling is regarded as a great method of satisfying this curiosity. Stepping onto a plane bound for Amsterdam is a magical experience! There is a tangible sense of trepidation and anticipation in the air, as if static electricity is crackling in the air. Considering you are a student from Chicago who is looking forward to visiting Amsterdam, we will describe how you can successfully start your journey from scratch and how you can successfully end it. 

Booking the Flight

The first step in this adventure is to secure flight tickets from Chicago to Amsterdam. It is common for students to search various travel websites to identify the most affordable rates and convenient travel schedules. A smooth start to the journey requires careful planning about each segment of the journey:

1- Researching Flight Options

Online Travel Platforms

Explore a variety of online travel platforms. Websites such as Expedia, Skyscanner, FlightsChannel, and Google Flights offer a wide range of options. Find the best flights based on your travel preferences by comparing prices, flight durations, and layover locations.

Student Discounts

Look for student discounts offered by airlines or through student travel agencies. The majority of airlines offer special fares for students, so it is worth taking the time to investigate these options to save money and make cheap air ticket reservations.

2- Flexible Dates and Times

Off-Peak Travel

If there is no urgency, consider traveling during off-peak times when flights tend to be more affordable. Students on a budget may be able to find better deals on flights during the week and on red-eye flights.

Date Flexibility

Be flexible with your travel dates if possible. Choose the most cost-effective days for your trip by using the flexible date search options on travel platforms.

3- Budget Considerations

Setting a Budget

Plan your flight within a realistic budget. Be sure to include additional expenses such as baggage fees and travel insurance. Make sure you stick to your budget throughout your student career to ensure financial comfort.

Hidden Fees Awareness

During the booking process, you may not be aware of hidden fees. To avoid surprises, be sure to review the airline’s baggage policy and any additional charges.

4- Booking Process

Creating Accounts

Create an account on the selected travel platforms. By doing so, you will be notified about price changes and special offers.

Booking Alerts

Create a price alert for the flights you are interested in. Staying informed about any fluctuations in ticket prices will help you to secure the best price.

Destinations to Explore in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Venice of the North, is an ideal place for students! With its breathtaking canals, world-class museums, quirky neighborhoods, and vibrant nightlife, this charming Dutch city has something for everyone. Take your student ID along with your sense of adventure and let’s explore some of Amsterdam’s top student destinations:

1- Cultural Must-Sees

  • Rijksmuseum: There is no greater way to immerse yourself in Dutch art history than to visit this renowned museum, which is home to masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Frans Hals.
  • Van Gogh Museum: There’s no better way to discover Vincent van Gogh’s vibrant world than to visit this dedicated museum where his iconic works like the Sunflowers and Starry Night are on display.
  • Anne Frank House: Take a trip to the Anne Frank House, where the young diarist was hiding with her family during World War II, and experience a poignant piece of history.
  • Canal Cruise: For the quintessential Amsterdam experience, enjoy a ride through the canals, lined with gabled houses and bridges, for a scenic ride through the canals.

2- Hidden Gems

  • Begijnhof: This hidden courtyard, dating back to the 14th century, is where you will find a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. Once the home to a community of beguines, this courtyard offers a peaceful oasis in the city.
  • NDSM Wharf: This former shipyard is now a trendy hotspot for art, music, and street food, with stunning views of the IJ River, making it a great place to visit.
  • Bloemenmarkt: A feast for the senses and a photographer’s delight, the world’s only floating flower market will be a feast for the eyes as well as the senses.
  • De Kas: It is simply a breath of fresh air to eat your farm-to-table fare amidst lush greenery at this restaurant, which is located in an old greenhouse that has been converted into a restaurant.

3- Budget-Friendly Fun

  • Vondelpark: The sprawling park is a green oasis in the heart of the city, a superb place for a picnic, a bicycle rental, or simply relaxing.
  • Free Walking Tours: A free walking tour is a great way to learn about Amsterdam’s history and its hidden gems, and it is a great way to get to know what the city has to offer.
  • Public Markets: The bustling markets such as Albert Cuypmarkt and Waterlooplein are ideal places to find souvenirs and local delicacies.
  • Student Cafes: Fuel up on coffee and study in cozy cafes like Café Hoppe and Café de Wetering, popular student hangouts.

4- Nightlife Delights

  • De Wallen: Take a glimpse into Amsterdam’s unique nightlife scene by exploring the Red Light District (responsibly, of course) which is one of the infamous districts of the city.
  • Leidseplein: This lively square is a great place to catch a live show or dance the night away at one of the many bars and clubs that are available here.
  • Rooftop Bars: There are many trendy rooftop bars in the city with stunning city views and a variety of cocktails, like SkyLounge and Floor17.
  • Jazz Cafes: During your stay in Amsterdam, you will be able to listen to the smooth sounds of jazz at atmospheric cafes like Café de Wetering and Bourbon Street.

Airlines with Student Flight Deals

As a student, booking a flight can be a thrilling experience, especially when you discover airlines that offer special student flight discounts. To ensure a seamless and affordable travel experience, this guide highlights budget-friendly options for student travelers traveling between Chicago and Amsterdam:

1- Delta Airlines

Student Discounts

Delta Air Lines offers student discounts on selected flights. When booking through the airline’s dedicated student portal, students can benefit from special fares. Find exclusive deals on flights from Chicago to Amsterdam.

2- KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Student Specials

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the flag carrier of the Netherlands, often offers student specials. The low fares and flexible booking options make it an attractive choice for students traveling to Amsterdam for academic purposes.

3- United Airlines

United College Plus

Many benefits are available to students through United Airlines’ United College Plus program, including discounted fares and flexible reservation policies. Through this program, students can explore cost-effective options for flying from Chicago to Amsterdam.

4- Lufthansa

GenerationFly Program

Specifically designed for students, Lufthansa’s GenerationFly program offers affordable fares and additional benefits. Lufthansa’s extensive network and budget-friendly options make it easy for students to fly to Amsterdam.

5- British Airways

Student Offers

Student discounts are available from British Airways, allowing them to experience destinations like Amsterdam without exceeding their budgets. Through British Airways, students can find discounted fares and other incentives.

6- Air France

Youth Pass

A Youth Pass is available from Air France that offers exclusive benefits for travelers ages 12 to 24 years of age, including students. When planning your trip from Chicago to Amsterdam, be sure to check out discounted fares and flexible conditions.

7- Emirates

Student Offers

Emirates offers student discounts, making it an attractive choice for international travelers. Plan your trip to Amsterdam with Emirates and take advantage of special deals and flexible booking options.

8- Turkish Airlines

Student Benefits

Turkish Airlines offers students several benefits, including discounted fares and additional benefits. Book your flight from Chicago to Amsterdam with Turkish Airlines and take advantage of student-friendly options.

9- Qatar Airways

Student Club

Qatar Airways offers an exclusive Student Club for students traveling internationally. Qatar Airways offers discounted fares and other advantages when traveling to Amsterdam.

Wrap Up

Therefore, the flight tales from Chicago to Amsterdam tell not only of a physical journey but also of a profound exploration of the self and the world. Throughout this student journey, there has been a great deal of challenge, triumph, and personal growth. When leveraging the exclusive deals offered by various airlines, booking a flight from Chicago to Amsterdam as a student can be a cost-effective and straightforward process.

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