Essential Laboratory Equipment for School Science Labs

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School science labs are where the magic of science happens. With the appropriate School Science Laboratory Equipment, students can explore what science is and how to understand it realistically. Schools are keen to set up science labs but are schools equipping them with the most durable, safe and easy-to-use equipment? They need to rely upon the most trusted school science lab equipment manufacturers for this. Atico Export continues to be the official School Science Laboratory Equipment supplier. Here is why your next order of school science lab equipment has to be placed with no other manufacturer but Atico Export. 

Team With School Science Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers

When purchasing school science lab equipment, consider Atico Export as the preferred school science lab equipment manufacturer for these reasons: 

Curriculum Alignment

Innovation is at the heart of our team of researchers and engineers at school science laboratory equipment manufacturers. This zeal ensures that the entire range of school science laboratory equipment aligns with the curriculum and educational objectives of the school. 

When used in science labs, every piece of equipment from the school’s equipment list supports a better understanding of the subject being taught and facilitates hands-on learning experiences.

Quality and Durability

Prioritize high-quality durability and safety while selecting school science laboratory equipment. All this and many more features necessary for safe and easy usage come with equipment manufactured by Atico Exports manufacturing division, scientific lab equipment manufacturers

We suggest you choose a manufacturer that prioritizes safety. 

Choosing equipment that meets safety standards and guidelines brings the users and school authorities peace of mind. 


We are discussing School Science Laboratory Equipment, so how can the most important factor, ease of use, be ignored? Well, school science lab equipment manufacturers manufacture age-appropriate equipment. School Science Laboratory Equipment suppliers supply it to schools in age- and skill-appropriate kits. 

Providing complex equipment may discourage students or lead to accidents if not used correctly.

Ease of Maintenance

Working on School Science Laboratory Equipment is a delight if sourced from the top school science lab equipment manufacturers. The equipment range is easy to maintain, with the bonus being the easy availability of replacement parts. Maintenance and repair procedures are straightforward to minimize disruptions in the learning process.


Schools must opt for equipment that can be used for multiple experiments or activities, maximizing the value of your investment. It helps teachers and students to engage in plenty of meaningful activities which are fun, engaging and informative too. 

Budget Considerations

Share your requirements with school science laboratory equipment suppliers, and get ready to get a price quote that will meet your budget certainly. With a reputation in the market that provides the most competitive prices, we are sure they got what you are looking for without compromising quality. 

They offer warranties, excellent customer support, and the most competent prices, which speaks greatly about their credibility. 


For schools planning to expand or upgrade their science lab, it is more than important for them to collaborate with a school science lab equipment manufacturer that has a dynamic approach. Yes, Atico Export is the chosen choice for schools as they offer a range of compatible equipment that may be added over time.

Environmental Considerations

A good manufacturer has environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. Schools take it as their social responsibility to collaborate with school science lab equipment manufacturers that manufacture environmentally friendly equipment that meets sustainability standards. This consideration is met exceptionally by Atico Export. 

Inclusivity and Accessibility

School science lab equipment manufacturers have a dedicated team that is innovating to make equipment accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. The equipment manufactured comes with features like adjustable heights, clear labeling, and tactile elements for better working. 

Integration with Technology

Depending on the curriculum, consider equipment that integrates with technology, such as computers, tablets, or data collection devices for more advanced experiments and analysis.


Consider the potential for technological advancements and changes in educational methods. Equipment that allows for adaptability and future upgrades can be a wise investment.

Well, with all the reasons why Atico Export is your partner as the top school science lab equipment manufacturer, the major reason is the vast range of school science lab equipment manufactured and supplied. 

What Is Included In School Science Lab Equipment List?

The School Science Laboratory exporters have a vast range of equipment to offer. For the ease of schools, they have categorized the equipment into different age groups. Every category includes more equipment; to learn more about them, connecting with school science laboratory equipment exporters is a great idea. 

Preschool and Kindergarten (Ages 3-5)

  • Magnets and Magnetic Objects
  • Simple Pulley System (Supervised)
  • Prisms for Light Exploration (Supervised)
  • Seed Germination Kit
  • Butterfly Life Cycle Kit
  • Fingerprinting Kit (Supervised)
  • Building Blocks Set
  • Alphabet Flashcards
  • Sensory Discovery Kit
  • Storybooks with Basic Concepts

Elementary School (Ages 6-11)

  • pH Test Strips
  • Simple Machines Kits
  • Microscope with Prepared Slides
  • Plant Growing Set
  • Rock and Mineral Kit
  • Moon Phase Chart
  • Compost Bin for Classroom
  • LEGO Building Set
  • Geometric Shape Puzzles
  • Rain Gauge for Water Measurement
  • Bug Viewer
  • Solar-Powered Calculator
  • Safety Goggles
  • Hand Lens
  • Volcano Model Kit

Middle School (Ages 12-14)

  • Food Coloring Set
  • Microscope with Prepared Slides
  • Weather Thermometer
  • Volcano Model Kit
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Fingerprinting Kit
  • Slime Making Kit
  • Simple Windmill Kit
  • Geometric Shape Puzzles
  • Building Blocks for Structures
  • Solar-Powered Calculator
  • Globe
  • Compass for Navigation

High School (Ages 15-18)

  • pH Meter
  • Microscope with Glass Slides
  • Basic Chemistry Lab Kit
  • Weather Station
  • Skeleton Model
  • Microscope for Fiber Analysis
  • DNA Extraction Kit
  • Data-Logging pH Probe
  • Basic Coding Cards
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Advanced Microscope with Glass Slide

These approximate age ranges may vary based on individual students’ abilities and educational context. Sharing your requirements with school science laboratory equipment suppliers and exporters and getting ready to experience working in a lab equipped with the best modern equipment. 

School Science Laboratory exporters always want young and professional users to prioritize safety when working in the lab. 

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