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It is really hard to bear the sight of our loved ones going through some illness. They might feel down mentally and physically. This is what any illness demands of us. It demands our good times and leaves us resting on the bed with nearly nothing to do. But you don’t have to see your loved ones pass through the same feeling. 

Sendwishonline helps you out here with a remarkable present that can be shared by anyone from anywhere without any obstacles. They offer a wide range of get well soon cards that can make your dear ones happy as they receive a scrapbook of memories wrapped with heartfelt messages and lots of speedy recovery wishes. These cards make it so easy for you to connect with your dear ones and spread love, humour, affection, encouragement and strength in just a few simple gestures. 

Your Guide to Making the Perfect Get Well Soon Card

A get well soon card is a great way to let your dear ones know that you are thinking about them. Whether you are creating a card for your mere acquaintances, family, friends or colleagues, there are a few underlying things that you need to focus on. A few elements that need to be checked before you send the card to the receiver.

1- Pay attention to the colour scheme 

You might never have paid attention to the colours on your card but it is really essential the idea of a colour scheme so that the mood of the receiver could be enhanced. Colours can have a huge impact on us by brightening our mood and making us feel cheerful. Bright colours such as yellow or pink can have an uplifting effect on someone’s spirits and make them feel better. 

2- Personal touch

It is essential to remember that you are not creating a get well soon card out of formality. Personal touch creates a huge difference between normal cards and meaningful cards. Any small gesture like adding a beautiful picture, adding a favourite quote, or just referencing an amazing memory would show that the creators of the card actually care about the receiver. It simply shows that you have put extra thought and care into making the card. 

3- Heartfelt messages

Here comes the most important part. Take all the time you need to pen down your message that conveys your love and affection for the receiver along with your well wishes for their speedy recovery. You might want to share some happy memories or simply end your message with words of encouragement and support. Be as genuine as you can. 

4- The Role of Laughter

People all over the world claim that laughter is the best medicine and so here comes the role of laughter. You can add some funny memories, jokes, or puns you think can make the receiver happy even if it is just for a moment. This can make them feel better and maybe they would get the strength to fight stronger against the illness. 

5- Help

What people during the illness most need is help. You must mention that you are ready to offer help to the receiver in whatever form they require. If you are sharing the card with your colleagues, you could take up their extra workload. You can simply spend some time with the receiver. Whether the work involves running errands, picking up their groceries or doing some menial work for them, just always be ready to offer help. 

6- A small gift

This is an optional step. It is not really necessary for you to buy a present with your get well soon card but it’s always great to go the extra mile. You can look for a small gift that can make the receiver comfortable and cheerful. Maybe their favourite snack, a small plant, or a high-quality cosy blanket can make the receiver really happy. 

7- Choosing the right words

The words that you use in your get well soon cards can have a huge impact on the receiver. Either it can make their mood or completely destroy it. It can also affect their mindset. It’s important that you choose your words in such a way that your message appears to be sincere, positive and encouraging. Don’t use cliches and general comments as they might show your lack of effort. Try to think of something unique and meaningful to say. Design your message according to the preferences, habits and mindset of the receiver. 

8- Soothing image

A single image can convey a thousand things. Images can really have a huge impact on the receiver. Try to choose meaningful photos that might make the receiver feel distracted and less stressed. The image should present a calming memory. You can use your photos with the receiver about a time you shared and you feel could make the receiver feel happy. These small steps have huge power to inject beautiful feelings. 

9- Motivational quote

A small quote could go a long way in uplifting the receiver’s spirit and providing them with some inspiration. This can be a very encouraging act for the receiver. Try to look for quotes that fit the personality and the situation the receiver is in right now. These quotes should be positive, encouraging and uplifting. You can also write something on your own if you want to make it more special and your insights can make it happen. 

10- Keep it simple

We all can feel tempted to create the best card possible and end up making a card with the most complex elements. But the situation now demands something else. It needs cards that are simple yet meaningful. A simple card with a heartfelt message is all the receiver might require from you. Always remember that it is the thought that counts, not the amount of money spent on it or the size or complexity of the card. 

11- Think about the receiver’s choice

It is important to think about the receiver’s preferences and choices. You can take into consideration their hobbies, favourite colours and general interests and try to include that into your card. 

For example,  you can choose a floral card if you think the receiver likes flowers. 

Remember the card is for the receiver, and they are the one that needs it to be perfect. 

12- Humour with caution

It is said that humour can lift anyone’s spirit but you have to be careful in this matter. Don’t try to use humour that is too edgy and might turn into offensive. As everyone doesn’t share the same kind of sense of humour, you might end up offending the receiver even if it is unintentional. Choose sensible words and carefully make jokes. 

Making a perfect get well soon card does require some effort. They also require a bit of creativity and deep thought. From choosing the right words to personalising the card and encouraging the receiver can involve a lot of things. With these few tips, you can be more sure about your get well soon card once you are done making it.  

Small Get Well Soon Gifts

We know it can be hard to choose the perfect gift during such a situation after all, it doesn’t have to be a fancy present rather be the one that uplifts the mood of the receiver and makes them feel strong fighting against the illness. 

Here are some ideas that can be of help to you:

  1. Flowers: Light and cherry flowers represent hope and new life. A little bunch of flowers could help you instantly light up the mood of your dear ones. They would capture hearts with their beauty and fragrance. 
  1. Kitchen-based treats: These could involve food items mostly made of sugar as it is believed that sugar products can make anyone happy. You could try to get creative here and find out what your loved ones may like. 
  1. New clothes: You don’t really need a reason to shop for new clothes but think of it as a way of feeling better. Clothes describe a person in a certain way and if some clothes can help you describe yourself as strong and confident then there is nothing more you require. Try to get into the habit of looking at everything positive and shopping could be a great distraction especially if you take the receiver with you. 
  1. A book: It is said that a tired mind makes you sick with all sorts of negative thoughts. But all this can be thrown away with a good book. Books give the person something to look forward to while they rest and contemplate their life. A motivational book might do wonders in such a situation.
  1. A hug: Sometimes it is those little things that can win our hearts. People might not need expensive gifts or words of advice. Sometimes they might just need a friend to sit with and hug while they talk about how they feel. A simple way of communication. The feeling of being supported by everyone can be shown with a simple hug. 
  1. Basket of Fruits: Fruits represent the beginning of life. A water-based element that is known to nurture life in all its forms. This could be ideal for someone who loves fruits or for those who feel that their body needs nourishment. Sickness can be hard and you need to recover both mentally and physically. This gift could be ideal for everyone. 

There are a lot more gifts that can make your loved ones feel a little better during this hard time. But there is nothing better than your constant support and encouragement so that they can fight through whatever illness they are suffering no matter how terrible it is. You have to be there for them and remember it is your support that makes all the difference. 

Why share get well cards with colleagues? 

A few people might wonder why it is essential to share get well soon cards from sendwishonline with your colleagues when they are down with an illness. For a lot of people, offices are just a place of work and nothing more while there are others who think of it as their second home. But whatever the case may be you tend to spend a considerate amount of time with your colleagues and it is only right if you take the extra step and send them a get well soon card, not out of formality but with sincerity. 

1- Maintain a positive workplace culture 

When a colleague is sick it can make others feel down about the weather too. But if you all decide to come together and do something about it then you are working toward a positive workplace culture. Create a get well soon card that shows you are there to support the receiver in the tough times. This incredible gesture would mean everything to them. 

2- Reduce stress

People might get stressed easily but knowing that there is someone looking after them and taking up their responsibilities in their absence can be rewarding. This can make them less anxious and rather give them a sense of comfort that there are people who care about them and their betterment. 

3- Create a sense of community 

This small gesture of sharing a get well soon card by all the colleagues coming together can create a strong sense of community where everyone knows that they are together in this journey and people are ready to go the extra mile to support them. Anyone would love to join such a workforce. This will eventually improve the morale and productivity of the team making the entire experience less stressful. 

4- Show that you care 

If you are new to the workplace and don’t know your colleagues are down with illness, it doesn’t matter you should still share get well soon cards to show your support and build new connections. For people who know the receiver well, the cards can show your genuine concern and care for the receiver. They will feel valued and appreciated. It is essential that you support the receiver in whatever ways possible as these tough times demand extra care and affection from everyone. 

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