How Java is essential programming language for Backend development?

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As per the leading survey, Java is used on more than 2 billion devices across the globe, making it the most popular technology platform. In this blog, we will see the key reasons behind use of Java for backend development and how you can make most of this popular platform. It will help improve your software or web development process, and developers will ensure that security and quality of product is not compromised. 

Importance of Java for Backend Infrastructure

Scalable and Robust

Java is durable due to its robust type-checking mechanism. The presence of Java virtual machine (JVM) supports dynamic linking and a safe environment, supporting Java device independent. With the presence of automatic memory management and disposal collection, you can build scalable applications. This feature results into reducing development time. 

Open Source Library

The presence of free and open-source Java libraries with real-time support improves backend development. The presence of such wide array of libraries speeds up the backend development in a significant manner. There are countless Java libraries present for different uses, consisting of logging, unit testing, JSON parsing, XML and HTML parsing, PDF and Excel reading, messaging, cryptography, and several others.


Java syntax is simple, fast to develop, analyze, and maintain. The code is simple to debug for development work. Enterprises opt for Java development services because it is less complex than competitor languages. Most languages like C and C++ have sophisticated features, including explicit pointers, storage classes, and operator overloading which are removed in Java.


Security is an important factor when it comes to web application development. Java eliminates any challenge related to security concerns and dangers. This is possible with the removal of explicit pointers. Hacker exploit pointer which keeps the memory address of another value. With Java security is improved by eliminating the concept of pointers.

Multithreading Support

Java offers multi-threaded functionality, which means that different threads can operate at the same moment. For every process, thread is the smallest unit. Multi-threading supports maximize usage of CPU. Different threads make use of the same memory space, enhancing overall application’s efficiency and performance.

Platform Independent

When we talk about platform independent, Flutter language comes to our mind. Because it is perfect to build cross-platform apps and gives a strong competition to popular native apps. So, it’s quite evident that companies prefer to hire Flutter developers on large scale. 

But Java is far more superior than Flutter when it comes to building scalable web apps having cross-platform features. When we analyze the initial days of Java launch, the same functionality is now offered by Flutter. The tagline “write once and run anywhere” is the key feature behind Java so much popularity. And this feature still engage business enterprises that have limited budget. The reason is most of the Java apps are designed & developed in the Windows setup and operates on the UNIX platform.

Free Development Tools

The selection of the development tools has a big impact on the popularity of programming language. If the tools are free to use, the web application cost will reduce. Since Java is an open-source language, almost all tools are free to use. Eclipse and NetBeans are Java most popular tools. They offer plenty of useful features, like code creation, debugging, formatting, and server deployment. It is quite easy to search, debug, and write code in IDEs.

Wrapping Up

The most volatile field today is software development, and on regular basis new languages are launched. Java can take an enterprise to next level. You can Hire Mobile App Developers for backend development based on a robust ecosystem of libraries. You can create documentation, and frameworks as per the architecture.

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