How paper is Harming the Environment

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How paper Is Harming The Environment

Do you know that the paper we carelessly use and easily discard all the time may be doing havoc on our environment? Constant use of paper is silently harming our planet, and if it is not regulated in the near future, we may face serious consequences. There are tons of negative impacts that a mere piece of paper can have on our mother nature. So let’s find out.

1- Deforestation

We are all well aware that paper is made from wood, and trees are the primary source of wood. Countless trees are cut down only to produce a single sheet of paper, which is often used and then thrown away. We are so oblivious to the consequences it would have on our climate since trees play a vital role in holding back the soil and helping it stay intact during rainfall or floods. The scarcity of trees will have catastrophic effects not only on our environment but also on humans. It will cause landslides, the loss of productive soil, and a decline in agriculture.

This will also reduce the amount of nutrients and habitat that herbivores require, resulting in their death and even extinction. Trees purify the environment and help us breathe in fresh air. Less trees means less purified air, which may result in health issues that are even life-threatening. On top of that, increased global warming is also a reason behind the deforestation that has impacted various regions around the globe. 

2- Air and Water Pollution

Many processes are carried out inside the manufacturing plants to transform tree pulp into paper, which results in the production of numerous harmful gasses. These gasses are discharged into the atmosphere, impacting both people and the surrounding greenery. Excessive air pollution is severely damaging the ozone layer, which shields the planet from direct sunlight. As a result, skin diseases are common among the inhabitants of that particular region.  

Paper pollution not only contaminates the air but also the water. A great deal of paper and its waste products are disposed of in the water. It not only contaminates the water but also negatively impacts aquatic life.

3- Energy Consumption

Among the top ten energy-consuming industries are those that produce paper. Compared to other industries, the pulp processing industry utilizes a significant amount of water in the creation of paper. Additionally, the production of paper requires a very high level of combustible heat to break down the pulp.

Along with these resources, a lot of non-renewable energy sources are also utilized, such as fuel, electricity, and natural gas. Consequently, producing paper has more disadvantages than advantages.

How to Deal with this Problem

Well, we cannot say that paper usage should be stopped immediately, and that is not possible at all. On the other hand, we can minimize the use of paper in places where it can be easily replaced. An institution and student will always require paper to do multiple tasks. Whereas in offices and the corporate sector, we can lower its consumption by incorporating the latest techniques that can help store data digitally. By making this little efforts, we can all make a greater impact 

What is an Electronic Document Management System?

The world is changing at a fast pace. Everything is turning digital, and globalization is picking up speed. So the paperwork can also be made simpler by the use of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). It can make our lives easier and clutter-free. A document management system is a solution for a paperless environment. It can easily save all of your files electronically in one place. You don’t have to deal with the headache that comes with handling paper manually. Document storage and retrieval is so simple with an EDMS. You can quickly retrieve all of your documents by arranging them in a standardized storage system with just a few clicks.

Sharing documents and making changes to them is simple. Instead of scanning through all the papers and files, you just need to search for the file you want to edit with its advanced numbering procedure. You do not have to worry about document and data loss, as all files are saved in the cloud. Data can easily be accessed from any part of the world, which facilitates collaboration and enhances workflow. Moreover, huge file cabinets that take up a lot of office space can also be overcome by embracing digitalization. 


We cannot ignore the importance of paper and the advantages it provides. It is an indispensable need for every individual and organization. By highlighting the harmful effects of paper manufacturing, we are not advocating that paper production should be stopped. Rather, strategies for reducing paper usage should be developed. Digital documents will never replace the joy of handling tangible ones.

However, it can be reduced to help with energy conservation. If organizations adopted electronic documentation, there would be a noticeable and dramatic drop in paper usage. This would contribute to reducing the negative impacts that paper can have. Therefore, we can go green and contribute to environmental preservation with the aid of an electronic document management system.

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