How to Sell Your Villa in Dubai?

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If you have a villa in Dubai and are planning to sell it, you will get enough information here. Are you going for villas for sale in Dubai? To go through a smooth procedure, here are certain steps you need to follow. 

Putting Your Properties for Sale in Dubai

If you are going for villas for sale in Dubai for the first time, you may find it confusing. Many people don’t know where to begin and how to proceed. But, now things are different as we are presenting some essential tips for your benefit. Have a look

Make Your Property Presentable

If you want your properties to be on the high-priority list, you need to make sure that your property is presentable enough. If it is a villa, make sure you detect any cracks, defects, and other maintenance issues on it before you put it on sale. Thus, the presentation of your villa can increase the chances of getting buyers and you can increase the price tag accordingly. Besides fixing the issues, you can also apply a fresh coat of paint and keep the property tidy. If it is a villa, you also need to clean and trim the garden to make it appear adorable. You need to remember that not all buyers come with a picture of property in their minds. You have to hit their emotions and make them the potential buyer.

Find the Right Agent

Once you put villas for sale in Dubai, you need to look for the best real estate agent. It is always better to find an agent who knows where you live, quite well. Real estate agents can check out your property and fix the price of it. To increase the demand for your villa, it is important to put the right price on it. An expert agent always makes sure you close a deal in the best possible way. While you are trying to sell your villa in Dubai, you have to sign an agreement with your broker to market it. This agreement is known as Form A. This form is essential to market your property as well as it shows the commission, paid to the agent to sell your property.

Arrange Your Documents

To prepare to Form A, you will require copies of the following documents for giving to the broker-

  • Title deed
  • Passport with the UAE residence visa and Emirates ID

Go for Marketing Your Villa

To find a suitable buyer, you need to do good marketing of your property. You need to put professional photos and catchy details of your villa in the listings and portals so that finding potential buyers becomes simple. Also, if you contact the best real estate agent, they can put effort into bringing leads from social media and email campaigns. Thus, the promotion of your property is done thoroughly.

Get Ready for Form F

Once you get a buyer for your property and also have agreed on a price, you need to sign Form F with the buyer. This form states the agreement clearly between the seller and the buyer. If the buyer wants to finalize the deal through a bank mortgage, the bank will conduct a property valuation by a third party to find out the actual market value of the property.

Settlement of Mortgage Payment

If you have put your property on mortgage, you need to ask for a liability letter from your bank. This letter is valid for 15 days after issuing. A good agent will help you throughout the process.

Get the NOC

Once you get the liability letter from the bank, you must get a NOC from the developer. Usually, each developer has his criteria for providing NOC which includes advance payments of services. The NOC costs range from 500 to 5,000 dirhams. It is issued within 24 hours of application or a week. As soon as the developer issues an NOC, you can proceed to Dubai Land Department’s Trustee Office for blocking the property in the buyer’s name.

Transfer the Ownership Now

Finally, the seller, the mortgage consultant, and the agents head towards the office of the Dubai Land Department trustee to initiate the transfer. At this point, the transfer fees are paid to the Dubai Land Department and the seller gets his payments.

So, here you get information on villas for sale in Dubai. If you own any property in Dubai, you can follow these steps to get your work done.

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