Learn About The Industries That Benefit Most From Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has unleashed great controversy in the world. But regardless of the ethical questions that are usually asked, there is no doubt that his contributions to industrial development are immeasurable. Therefore, here we tell you which industries that benefit the most from this new technology.

Content Creation

On this occasion, you can be sure that this article is the product of human creation. But it’s not always like this. Today, AI is an increasingly used tool in the content creation industry. Thus, better texts are written more quickly, which undoubtedly lowers costs. In addition, it allows improving marketing strategies, since this technology uses more precise and effective data than the traditional method. 

In this way, the contents are more relevant to the target audience. For example, you can choose personalized content, aimed at a particular sector. But it is also possible to create unique or exclusive content on a specific topic. Simply ask the software to add statistical or historical data, as appropriate.

Considering that much of the world’s trade moves through Google search engines, it is easy to understand the importance of AI in this industry. So we will continue to see progress in this area.


The rise of AI has also reached cryptocurrencies. There are already several projects in this market that plan their future according to this technology. And let’s not forget that cryptocurrencies and sportsbooks and blockchain are closely related. So, on the rebound, other industries also benefit.

But what is relevant about AI in the development of the crypto ecosystem is that it allows designers to create more versatile virtual currencies. That is, with a variety of purposes. Have you imagined a crypto capable of creating a trend by itself? Well, in addition to improving security and improving the operability of the blockchain, this is another of its benefits.

Among the most popular virtual currencies with AI at the moment, we find Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, and Token Render.


The field of design is very wide and thus it is fertile ground for AI. From architectural design to images for digital content, including graphic design, this technology is already indispensable.

In the architectural field, it helps to design more efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. Likewise, it stands out for allowing customized solutions in the area of ​​structures. When it comes to graphic design, AI makes routine tasks easier by automating them. Image tagging and compositing, including colour selection, are good examples. In this way, designers gain valuable time that they can use in other creative activities.

When it comes to image design for digital content, AI has also become indispensable. Today, this technology allows the creation of highly realistic and colourful digital images. It also allows you to import images and combine them with music and videos. Midjourney and Dall-E 2 are two very popular tools in this field.


The medical industry is another of the most benefited from AI. This tool has already demonstrated its usefulness in optimizing prevention processes. But it also makes a valuable contribution in terms of diagnosis and subsequent treatment of diseases. 

For now, where AI stands out the most is in image analysis. This is thanks to deep learning algorithms or ‘deep learning’. They are used both in the study of fetuses and in oncology, ophthalmology, and pharmacology, among other multiple applications.

A good example of the contributions of AI to the medical field is in mobile applications. Today there are apps capable of advising people on high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Three enemies of health that thanks to this technology can be combated, or at least detected, promptly.

Other Industry Sectors Benefiting From AI

But the aforementioned is only a small sample. And it is that no field of industry is free from the influence of AI. So this extends to education and information, with virtual teachers and presenters, respectively. In addition to manufacturing, inventory control, financial services, and a long etcetera.

As you can see, the benefits that Artificial Intelligence brings to the modern world are beyond any question. So we will surely continue to see it advance in the modernization of different fields of the industry.

Can the human brain help build Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that can then learn?

This is one of the questions that many scientists ask themselves, whether the human brain is capable of building AI systems that can learn and reason like human beings.

Meta, one of the technology companies most dedicated to this type of technology, specifically the Meta AI area, has announced, regarding the above, that they are developing research that leads them to understand a little better how the language processes language human brain.

Meta AI, the NeuroSpin neuroimaging center, and Inria are researching to understand how linguistic models and the brain respond to written or spoken sentences.

What is this new study of AI systems about?

The company Meta has issued a statement indicating that they will use the knowledge obtained in the investigations for the development of artificial intelligence that processes text and voice with the same efficiency as humans do. It is a study that takes a long time, so they have indicated that in the last two years, they have been applying learning techniques to a group of public neuroimaging data to analyze the brain, on how it processes words.

For specialists, the linguistic models that most resemble brain activity are the ones that can best predict the next word in a given context, such as: once upon a time… time.

Precisely the prediction that is based on partially observable inputs is precisely the center of learning in artificial intelligence, and it may be the exact key to determining how language is acquired.

Of course, for now, they are just hypotheses and assumptions that experts are working on, since determining the functioning of the brain is undoubtedly a job that requires many years, we must hope that Meta will continue to surprise us, along with other technology companies.

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