SEO Writing Techniques: Optimizing Content for Search Engine Rankings

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Do you know why SEO writing is in demand these days?

Because people want their content to rank high on Google and get more organic traffic.

How can you make your blog stand out in an era where loads of content are built and uploaded daily?

You can do that by focusing your content on three main things:

  • Appeal the user’s view
  • Optimize blogs with SEO tactics
  • Provide answers to the questions of users

Thus, how can you make your content fulfil all the above requirements? The answer is – through SEO writing!

But don’t worry; it’s not a complex task, and you don’t have to spend money on SEO writers for this purpose.

All you need is our guide to “SEO writing techniques”, so you can beat all other competitors and rank on Google’s first page. Keep reading to find out what those tricks are.

Create Engaging Content In Google’s Eyes: Implement These SEO Writing Techniques

Are you someone who is writing tons of blogs daily, but none of them is ranking on Google or driving traffic?

You are not alone.

These days, many content creators and bloggers are facing similar issues.

Due to the fact that they are not making valuable content for the user end while also optimizing for Search Engine.

So if you don’t want to be included in this category of such content creators, apply the below tactics while writing your content.

Think About Humans, Not Search Engines While Writing

The main mistake of authors is that they don’t write for the right reasons.

Your content should not always be about describing your product or service. It should focus on your target audience. Your writing should help them solve their problems or according to their interest.

Users just take seconds to jump from one website to another if they don’t find it helpful or readable.

Moreover, these search engines are experts in extracting valuable content for users. Therefore, they know the difference between humanized content and irrelevant one full of keywords.

People are also hiring online London blog writing services to get content that’s solely built for humans.

Add Headings And Sub Headings

We live in a generation where people have no patience and avoid reading lengthy paragraphs.

Therefore, your content should be divided into headlines and sub-headlines so they can scan through the whole document in one go.

This helps users find what they are looking for while understanding a particular paragraph.

But ensure your heading is catchy and keywords are inserted in them.

Add Meta Tags

One of the SEO writing techniques that Google reads while ranking a website is the “Meta tag”.

Your content should contain Meta titles and Meta descriptions to help search engines know what the content is all about.

If you use a content management system, you have undoubtedly seen a box for these Meta taglines too.

These Meta tags are short summary of the whole blog, containing one or two keywords. Therefore, it should be compelling for the reader.

Choose Keywords With Great Volume

How can search engines finds your blog in a pool of contents?

By using volumized keywords and phrases that are according to SERP too.

Because if people are not searching for a particular keyword, how can the search engines rank it?

For this purpose, you can take help from tools for keyword research and Google trends. So you analyze which keywords people use these days and what’s treading in SERP.

Adding keywords helps in ranking, but stuffing your content with them can be a disaster!

Use Link-building Strategies

Do you want to make your website reliable and valuable?

Then you should consider creating a link-building strategy. Use backlinks and internal links in your content.

Backlinks will help you build relationships and in Google statistics but also helps users to get more information by jumping to another website.

While adding internal links to your blog will help you to keep users at your website for a little longer while reducing the bounce rate. Due to this, people can consider your website as trustworthy and can result in conversion too.

Add Graphics And Alt Text

Will it appeal to the eyes if a website only contains content?

No, right?

Therefore, website images play a massive role in making a site attractive.

Use SEO-optimized images in your blog, which are compressed in size, so the website loads quickly.

Moreover, add Alt text under your images just for users to understand why you add this particular graphic and how it relates to your content.

Google reads these elements, too and shows them in the “search with an image” section. Thus, be mindful of these things too.

Content Should Be Optimized For Feature Snippets

Did you ever see a small text box when searching for something on Google?

It’s featured snippet; it’s a clear answer to the question you searched.

If you want to earn a chance to show up in that box, you have to optimize your content like:

  • Your content should answer a search query briefly and clearly
  • Add a question related to the search term in your H1or H2
  • Answer that with a short description, starting with an action verb

If it seems challenging, you can get help from online content writing services UK! Many online experts offer such services, hence you won’t have to struggle with that.

Structure Your Content For Better Readability

No matter how engaging and creative your content is, it will be pointless if it’s not structured.

Therefore after writing a draft, adjust the formatting of your work.

  • Using headline hierarchy while structuring, which means writing in H1, H2 form
  • Keep your sentences short
  • Your paragraphs should be clear and precise
  • Don’t repeat words
  • Write long blogs minimum of 1000 words instead of short ones
  • One paragraph should include one idea
  • Use bullet points
  • Use hooks to start sentences

To compose a well-structured blog, keep these pointers in your mind. It will help create a compelling user reading experience.


As the world changes, SEO tactics change subsequently.

So if you want to stay ahead in Google ranking, always keep an eye on changing SEO trends.

Moreover, try to follow the above SEO writing techniques in your blog so your content stays optimized for search engines. We try our best to cover all the essential points for you.

Overall, the more you focus on your customer’s needs and the changing marketing tactics, the more users will visit your website, and there are more chances to generate frequent customers.








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