Role Of Norwegian Translation Services For Immigrants 

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Translation Services For Immigrants

Norway is known as one of the best first world countries to live on this globe. Additionally, it has fertile landscapes, a high standard of living, outstanding education, a low crime rate, the best health care, and much more. 

The capital city of Norway is Oslo. It is full of arts, has busy social scenes, and brimming cultural traditions. Moreover, Bergen is the best and most popular place for outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and skiing. 

Therefore, this country has the world’s strongest economy. Norway gives priority to the development of knowledge, technologies, and maintenance of sustainable business sectors. Moreover, nature blessed this country with oil, gas, epic fjords (U shaped valley surrounded by mountains), and seafood.  

Why Are People Immigrating To Norway? 

In this fast-paced world, it is very difficult for a layman to meet the demands of life. However, the regular payment of taxes, bills, and other debts makes it difficult to fulfill desires. Therefore, more than a million people every year leave their countries for a better lifestyle and opportunities.  

More than eight million Americans are said to have emigrated abroad in search of a better life. However, people choose the Nordic countries to settle because this region ranks high in the global happiness index. 

Norway’s official language is Norwegian. But a huge number of people speak English as their first language. Because millions of people emigrated from English-speaking regions to Norway. These immigrants required translations of their essential documents to settle in Norway. So, English to Norwegian translation services are here for these individuals. These LSPs are always ready to facilitate the immigration process. 

Accommodations For Immigrants In Norway 

It is common and cultural in Norway to purchase a property. Renting apartments is expensive as rent is not regulated in Norway. But it is not too difficult if you can afford it.

However, Norwegians have well-maintained houses and apartments. Various rental apartments are properly furnished with modern furniture. Although foreigners face difficulty in paying rent, but, they have a better life in Norway than in other countries. 

You must have a residency permit card for accommodation in Norway. However, you must have important information about accommodation. Translation of some official documents for residency needs translation from an authorized and professional translation company.  

Lifestyle in Norway 

Norway has a composed population of almost 5 million people. Therefore, it is a peaceful and calm place to live. Norwegian lifestyle includes fishing, camping, and hiking. Despite Norwegian being the native language of Norway, the locals use the English language to communicate with the immigrants. Winters in Norway have frigid temperatures and long shivering nights. Therefore, the weather is sometimes hard to bear for foreigners. 

The Norwegians have an active lifestyle. Walking and cycling are in vogue. Gyms are present almost everywhere and are easy to find. Norwegians are very conscious of the clean environment. They tried to keep the roads and streets clean. They like to encourage recycling and other sustainable environment-friendly practices. The immigrants must care for cleanliness and social norms. However, Norway is full of natural beauty and a pleasant place to live . The foreigners and immigrants easily adapt to the Norwegian lifestyle.  

Cultural Traditions  

Norwegians have a positive attitude toward the immigrants. Almost 87% of Norwegians agree that most of the immigrants make an important endowment to the working life of the Norwegians. 

Norwegians have rich cultural traditions. Such as: 

  • Eating pickled herring for breakfast on a regular basis.
  • Cabin culture to enjoy nature.
  • Skiing is considered a national lifestyle.
  • Kvikk Lunsj is a cultural icon of Norway.
  • All Norwegians follow Janteloven(the law of Jante). It describes how the Norwegians should behave.  
  • The culture of coffee is more popular in Norway than in any other region. 
  • They follow a familiar pattern for a typical Constitution Day. Followed by the lavish breakfast, parades, and music throughout the day. Norwegians celebrate their country’s birthday party warmly. They especially wear Bunads on this day. 
  • Norway is home to Europe’s oldest musical tradition.
  • Aquavit is Norwegian’s traditional drink.
  • The Norwegians welcome the immigrants warmly. Immigrants and tourists visit Norway from all around the globe. These people belong to different linguistic backgrounds. Therefore, translation services help them to understand the cultural traditions and norms of Norway. 

Business and Translation Services

Norway is blessed with natural resources. English and Norwegians have the best trading relations. However many English speakers move from their countries to Norway for business. But, business in foreign countries is challenging. 

Almost 99% of people speak the Norwegian language in Norway. However, they also understand English as it is their business language or they use it as a second language.  

Additionally, businesses in Norway need the translation of some important business documents. The immigrants need professional English to Norwegian translation services to translate the documents for business. 

Therefore, these services provide their best services in providing an accurate and efficient translation of official business documents. 

Immigrants also get many business opportunities in Norway. This country follows the rule of family first. They have short working hours. The companies offer many perks to their employees.  Norway has high standards of health and it is usually covered under the national healthcare system. So, Norway offers exceptional healthcare for all. So, immigrants from other countries with political conflicts and economic instabilities choose Norway to spend their lives happily.  

Immigrants Need The Translation Of Important Documents 

There are various important official documents that need translation before submission for the immigration process. 

Passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, criminal records, and many more according to the type of immigration visa. Therefore, English to Norwegian translation services help the emigrants from English-speaking countries to translate their official immigration documents to the Norwegian language effortlessly and in quickest turnaround.


Norway is known as one of the first world countries. It offers quality public education, healthcare, and lifestyle to foreigners and immigrants. People prefer this country to emigrate from their region for a healthy lifestyle and a better working environment.  

However, translation services are the best way to translate your important documents from the source language to the target language.

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