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How to Unfollow

If you’re a frequent TikTok users, then you’re probably to follow a variety of accounts with interesting as well as entertaining information. As time goes along, your follower list of accounts may get cluttered by accounts that don’t interest you. If you’re looking to clean down your TikTok follow-up list the following article will help you in how to de-follow accounts in the application. This Information is also very helpful How to Open My TikTok Following Feed in detail.

Understanding the Following List

If you are following accounts on TikTok and their posts show up in the “Following” page. The page lists all accounts that you follow in a chronological sequence according to their most recent activities within the application.

The following list of feeds is basically your own personal feed, offering the most popular videos of the creators you love. As you add many profiles, the feed can be cluttered, which makes it hard to locate your favorite content. To prevent this from happening is a great idea to remove accounts from your feed which no longer interest you.

How to Unfollow an Account on TikTok

The process of unfollowing an account from TikTok is an easy process you can complete within a matter of a few clicks. How to do it:

  1. Start the TikTok app, and then go to your profile’s page through tapping “Me” or tapping the “Me” icon in the upper right-hand corner on the screen.
  2. In your profile, click to open “Following” from your account “Following” tab.
  3. Select the user you wish to de-follow, then tap the profile image to open their profile.
  4. In their profile, click their profile and tap the “Following” button next to the name of the person.
  5. The prompt will ask for your permission to remove the account. Tap “Unfollow” to confirm.

When you unfollow an account the videos of that account will no anymore show up in the “Following” page.

Using the Block Feature to Unfollow an Account

If you don’t wish to view content on your account but do not wish to let them know that they’ve been unfollowed You can make use of the feature to block them. How to use it:

  1. Visit the account that you would like to delete and click on the picture of their profile for access to their profile page.
  2. Touch the three dots located in the top-right corner for access to the account’s settings.
  3. Choose “Block” from the menu.
  4. An alert will pop up asking whether you’re certain you’re ready to close the account. Tap “Block” to confirm.

By blocking an account, you can stop the account from viewing your content and from interacting with you through the application. It won’t, however, remove the account out of the “Following” list. If you’d like to unfollow the entire group, you’ll have to remove them from your list.

Removing a Follower on TikTok

If you’re following accounts you do not would like to have on your profile, or in your notification, you are able to get rid of them. This is how you can do it:

  1. Visit your profile and click on the three dots on the upper right-hand corner of your screen to open your preferences.
  2. Choose “Privacy” from the menu.
  3. In “Safety,” in “Safety” section, select “Who Can Follow Me.”
  4. Turn off the “Allow Others to Find Me” switch to block your account from tracking you.
  5. For the removal of this profile from your “Followers” list, go to your profile, then click to open “Followers” tab “Followers” tab.

15. Find the account that you wish to get rid of and then tap the three dots beside their name.

16. Select “Remove Follower” from the menu.

17. A screen will pop up asking you if you’re certain you’re ready to delete the account. Tap “Remove” to confirm.

If you delete the follower from your account, they will not have access to your content, or interact with you through the application.

Managing Your Following List on TikTok

If you’d like to keep your TikTok Following list organized Here are some ways to do it:

  • Check your list of followers regularly and de-follow any accounts that are no longer interesting to you.
  • Make use of “for you” or the “For You” page to find new accounts to follow.
  • Utilize “Following,” or “Following” tab to keep the track of your top creators.
  • Utilize “Likes” to save videos “Likes” tab to save videos that you’d like to see for later.

When you keep your follow-up list well-organized, you’ll be in a position to quickly locate what you’d like to view in the application.

Understanding TikTok’s Following Limit

TikTok has a follow limit to stop users from having multiple accounts simultaneously. From 2023 onwards the limit will be fixed at 10,000 users. When you hit this number then you will not be able to follow additional accounts until you have unfollowed a certain.

How to Get More TikTok Followers

If you’re keen on growing your TikTok followers, here’s some tips to help:

  • Post often and frequently.
  • Make use of hashtags with a trend to boost the reach of your posts.
  • Collaboration with other creators via the application.
  • Be part of the challenges and emerging trends.
  • Connect with your followers through replying to messages and comments.

If you follow these guidelines by following these tips, you’ll improve your presence on the app, and also gain new followers.


Keep your TikTok follower list tidy helps you locate what you’d like to read in the application. Through regular review of your followers list and de-following accounts that do not appeal to you, you’ll be able to assure that your feed stays clean. If you’re keen on growing your followers on the app be sure to update your profile frequently and interact with your followers in order to boost your exposure.

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