Upgrade Your Home Security: 8 Benefits of Using a Digital Lock

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In today’s rapidly changing world, the techniques of break-ins and thefts have evolved, and skilled intruders have found sophisticated ways to breach standard safety protocols easily. So, keeping in mind the safety of our homes becomes very important. The best way to tackle a smart intruding technique would be to use sophisticated hi-tech technology. Thus, here digital locks come into the picture. 

As traditional lock systems are more susceptible to thefts and break-ins, the demand for digital locks and security has increased tenfold in recent years. Today, many property owners and homeowners are turning towards digital locking systems as they offer cutting-edge features and are technologically advanced to handle and prevent intrusion. What’s more interesting is that AI technology is also being developed to secure homes by implementing hi-tech features for digital locks. 

Various digital locks are available today, including fingerprint, iris, face-detection, sensor-based locks, and locks that use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Also, digital locks offer convenience along with security and safety. From remote-controlled access to contactless security, digital lock systems have revolutionized the security of our homes.

Top 8 Benefits of Upgrading to a Digital Lock for Your House

The following are the most important benefits of using the right digital lock for your home.

High on Security

One of the most important reasons for opting for the digital lock system is that it is high on technology and uses advanced encryption techniques. These techniques are suitable to tackle any intrusion or lock-picking techniques. Also, digital locks are known to have a built-in alarm system that will immediately send alerts to the appointed authoritative persons in case of any tampering. Due to digital locks, the risk of unauthorized key duplication has been eliminated, and these powerful digital security systems continue to protect our homes against intrusion or break-ins.

You Can Go Keyless

The hassle of handling, misplacing, and carrying the keys around is an old story. Nowadays, digital locks have almost eliminated the need to carry any keys. Unlike traditional locks, digital locks are highly secure as they do not depend on a key. 

Digital locks use unique access and unlocking techniques such as face ID and thumbprint recognition (biometric recognition), voice and sensory recognition, PIN codes, keycards, and smartphone apps. So, there is no need to carry around a physical key, thus eliminating the chances of it getting stolen or in the wrong hands.

Easy Monitoring and Audit Trail

Digital locks offer an extra layer of security, allowing you to access and audit every entry and exit from the house. Detailed audit records are maintained by the locking system for future reference. The system is designed to record digital time and date stamps for every entry and exit from your home. Also, you can easily monitor the access to your house from anywhere and get timely alerts of any suspicious activities.

Improved Durability

Digital locks are built with robust technology, making them more durable than traditional ones. Also, they offer better security than traditional locks as they can be connected to various other devices and used from anywhere. Digital locks are made with materials strong enough to withstand harsh shocks in case of any intrusion. Thus, one must install and upgrade digital locks, as home safety has been assured for years. Also, they come with good warranties and guarantees.

Easy Integration with Other Devices

Digital locks can be easily integrated with devices such as smartphones, smart watches, television and laptop devices, security cameras, etc. Integrating a digital lock system with other devices gives you the freedom to access and ensure your home security through any medium you choose while you are away from home. 

You get notified of every entry and exit from your home through smartphone apps and watches. Also, through other devices, you can check activities inside the house and trace movements. Thus, with the help of digital locks, you will always have the upper hand in handling suspicious intrusions.

Ease of Installation and Resets

Digital locks are standardized for easy installation. It takes a few minutes, and you are ready for further use. What’s more in store is that, after the installation, you can customize the lock as per your requirement and integrate it with any of your devices. Also, you can install an additional security layer by installing a separate secure application that will keep your digital lock safe from malware and other sophisticated tampering techniques. 

Despite all the pros of using a digital lock, it is to be noted that it’s a machine that uses technology, and technology is sometimes prone to get slow or affected. However, you can easily reset the settings of your digital lock, in case required.

Convenient for Old People and the Differently Abled

As digital locks can be accessed through multiple channels, there is no need to go to the door for locking or unlocking requirements physically. This feature is extremely handy for older and differently-abled people as they can access the security of their homes remotely. They need not go to the door for locking and unlocking. Locking and unlocking the door is just a click or button away.

Insurance Benefits

As home security is important, having a digital lock in place represents your commitment and seriousness toward ensuring the safety of your house against tampering and break-ins. Thus, many insurance companies consider it by offering premium discounts on insurance rates. So, checking with your insurance provider for any further incentives and deals on home insurance on installing digital lock systems is suggested.

Must-Have Features in a Digital Lock for Home Safety

Before you narrow down your choice of a digital door lock for your home, check whether it holds the following important features.

  • Hi-tech encryption technology protects against tampering, cyber attack, or unauthorized access.
  • Multiple access options to the property or homeowners so that the most appropriate option that suits your requirements can be selected. 
  • Timely indicator for low battery if the battery falls below a set limit so that owners can replace it before the device gets completely discharged.
  • Complete secured digital locks with fittings like door lock adapters, emergency power supply adapters, RFID cards, gateway, etc.
  • Easy connection with WiFi and other devices. Also, the right warranties and guarantees concerning the digital lock device.


So, if you are wondering whether to rely on a digital lock for the main door of your house, you should go ahead with the decision. Moving ahead with technology, we should use digital locks that offer the best protection against break-ins or intrusions. 

Thus, considering the benefits mentioned above, one should install a digital lock system for their home. If the digital lock you consider possesses all the required features, especially the ones mentioned before, you can immediately go for it.


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