What Method of marking should I choose when ordering T-shirts with prints?

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T-shirts with prints

Having T-shirts with your own original design is the perfect idea to stand out from the crowd. The possibility of ordering such a product with your own graphics gives a lot of satisfaction. It will be even more fun to see someone wearing a T-shirt designed by you. If you have decided to get the printing service of our company for t shirt priniting in Dallas Texas, in this article we will recommend which marking methods to choose.

Reflect offers 8 marking methods. There is a lot to choose from and a person who is just starting his adventure with clothing labeling may be a bit lost. Each method differs in its appearance, application method, limitations and price.

Approximation of marking methods

At the beginning, we will tell you what the available marking methods are. T-shirts can be printed with any of the following:

  1. Screen printing is a technique with an exceptionally long tradition. The print is made using special exposed screens and screen printing inks. Marking is very durable – when using the rules for washing clothes with a print, the print should last for about 100-150 washes. Screen printing is an ideal method for both polyester and cotton fabrics. Those who want to buy more than 20–30 units will find this to be the perfect answer. Its price depends on the quantity, size and colors used in the project.
  2. DTG digital printing is a relatively new method of marking, but currently one of the most popular. This method reproduces even the smallest elements of the project with extraordinary precision and accuracy. It is ideal for small runs – it is profitable from just one piece. Durability is estimated at about 50-100 washes. The price depends on the size of the project and the effort.
  3. Computer embroidery is the most exclusive method of marking. It is virtually indestructible. The only limitation is the minimum dimensions of the project, which are more restrictive than in the case of other techniques. Cost-effective from about 30 pieces. The price depends on the size of the project and the effort.
  4. Sublimation is a method used to mark bright polyester fabrics. Perfect for printing on sportswear. Sublimation is the most durable method of marking. It can be used to mark not only T-shirts, but also caps, bags or polyester bags. The price depends on the size of the project and the effort.
  5. Flex and flock foil are methods performed on special foils cut according to the design by a plotter. Flex foil is made in full colors – as a smooth foil. On the other hand, flock foil is a foil with the so-called nap. Such marking is profitable from 1 piece. The films are such a durable method of marking that the print lasts up to 500 washes, when using the rules for washing clothes with a print.
  6. Flex latex is the most innovative and ecological method of marking, which has a wide range of possibilities. It reflects full color depth, which is why it is ideal for transferring multi-colored graphics to most materials: sportswear, jackets, polyester shirts. Durability is estimated at about 100 washes. Cost-effective from one piece.
  7. Plastisol thermal transfer is a method otherwise known as indirect screen printing. T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, sportswear, and other items may all be marked using this extremely robust and adaptable technique. The preparation process is very similar to screen printing in the initial stages. It is the most cost-effective for a quantity of more than 50 items. Durability of the method is estimated at about 100 washes.

Which marking method to choose?

T-shirts with your own print for, for example, your clothing brand, where you decide to produce the entire collection, it will be best to make it using a cost-effective method with larger expenditures. It can be, for example, screen printing or thermal transfer. If you plan to make funny t-shirts only for your own use, it is better to opt for digital printing or foil. When ordering a single piece of a football shirt with a print , it will be best to opt for sublimation.

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