Why is Writing a Dissertation difficult?

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Writing a dissertation is always a challenge for the students for several years. The renowned platform’s experts have mentioned the critical issues involved in it. 

MakeAssignmentHelp is one such dissertation writing company which not just tells you challenges but also lets you know how to overcome them. Apart from imparting dissertation help services, they also give valuable tips to obtain awesome grades and create your image.

Dissertation help is a popular service among the students. There are many reasons to make this service a preferred one due to the concerns, issues, and problems faced by the students across the globe.

Here are some common difficulties that individuals often face when working on their dissertations:

Scale of Writing Dissertation

Dissertations are large (typically, ranges from 15,000 words to 20,000 words) and require an in-depth exploration of a specific research topic. Such an extensive word count and comprehensive nature of a dissertation can make it overwhelming to structure and organize the content effectively.

Need Investment of Time

Since ages, preparing a dissertation has been a time-consuming process that requires a significant commitment of time and effort. It often involves extensive research, data collection, analysis, and writing, which can be daunting, especially when juggling other responsibilities such as coursework, jobs, or personal commitments.

Need Proper Research and Analysis

Making a thorough research and analysis is a crucial aspect of a dissertation. Identifying relevant literature, collecting data, analyzing findings, and drawing meaningful conclusions can be challenging and time-consuming. Researchers may encounter difficulties in locating appropriate sources, managing and interpreting data, or facing unexpected obstacles during the research process.

Always Need Original Contribution

Professors while expecting dissertations are expected to make an original contribution to the existing body of knowledge. This requirement adds pressure on the writer to generate new insights or findings, which can be intellectually demanding and require extensive critical thinking and creativity.

One should be Self-Disciplined and Motivated

Writing a dissertation often involves working independently and managing one’s time effectively. It requires self-discipline and motivation to stay focused, meet deadlines, and maintain a consistent writing schedule. Procrastination, self-doubt, or writer’s block can hinder progress and make the writing process more difficult.

Natural Writing Skills Required

Dissertation writing is crucial for every senior or university student. It involves presenting complex ideas in a clear, coherent, and concise manner. Many individuals may struggle with articulating their thoughts and ideas effectively, organizing their arguments, or adhering to the specific formatting and style guidelines required by their academic institution.

You have to Implement Feedback and Revisions

Receiving feedback from supervisors or committee members and incorporating their suggestions can be a challenging aspect of the dissertation process. Dealing with constructive criticism, making revisions, and ensuring the coherence and consistency of the final document can be time-consuming and mentally draining.


Despite the challenges, making a dissertation can be a positive experience. It is an opportunity to make a significant contribution to your grade sheet, and it can help you develop your image in front of the professor. If you are considering a dissertation help then you must contact someone expert in it.

No Need to Provide Guidance to the Expert

An expert can help you to develop your research question, design your study, and collect and analyze your data. They can also provide feedback on your writing and help you to improve your argument.

Help you to Connected with the Topic

An expert can help you to set realistic goals and deadlines, and they can help you to stay on track by providing regular check-ins.

Always avoid plagiarism

An expert can help you to learn how to properly cite your sources and avoid plagiarism.


Please be informed that though it’s important to understand that while writing a dissertation is difficult, it is also a valuable opportunity for a student’s personal and intellectual growth. After getting the dissertation writing help from MakeAssignmentHelp, you must read it twice and understand it thoroughly. It is good to overcome challenges such as research, critical thinking, time management, and perseverance, but reading before the submission will be highly valuable in academia and even in future job opportunities if the dissertation is discussed.

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