Why You Should Use Explainer Videos For Your Business

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Do you need help finding the best way to convey messages for your business?

With our fast-paced lifestyle, it’s no wonder that the attention span of your potential customers is of fleeting moments— short and brief.

That becomes a challenge for many businesses: how to effectively deliver an intricate message while still winning the audience’s hearts?

No worries, though. This article will walk you through why explainer videos are the real deal for your business, helping you connect with your target market personally and professionally.

But first, let’s better understand what explainer videos are. 

What is Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a concise and visually alluring presentation that transforms complex ideas into a blend of compelling motion graphics, animations, and narration. 

Think of it as a digital storyteller for your business, weaving a story tale highlighting your products or services. It helps you resonate with the audience more efficiently.

You’ve probably bumped into many explainer videos while browsing the internet since many companies feature them on websites and landing pages.

How Explainer Videos Add Value to Your Business

While different types of explainer videos exist, the most common ones are for marketing purposes.

However, an explainer video is not merely a marketing tool. It’s an instrument that helps communicate your brand’s vision, mission, and values.

Through explainer videos, your audience will gain a deeper understanding of what your business offers. This eventually results in a sense of trust and authenticity for your brand.

Incorporating this type of content will help promote your business more effectively, but is it worth the penny you spent on its production? Keep reading to find out.

Why Your Business Should Invest in Explainer Videos

It’s no secret that producing high-quality explainer videos can be costly, but it’s undoubtedly worth all the money you put in. Here are the extensive reasons to convince you to invest in explainer videos, especially if you just started a small business:

1. A Meaningful Way to Deliver Your Message

Let’s be honest, who reads a promotional text nowadays?

Using explainer videos is a great alternative to win potential customers without having them scroll through your lengthy email offers. Its captivating visuals are much more amusing than a bunch of alphabets. 

Moreover, explainer videos are usually short, ensuring your audience keeps watching and retains information you want to convey.

2. Showcase Your Brand

Maintaining a consistent voice for a business might be challenging, but it will be much easier if you use an explainer video.

Imagine your brand as distinct colors and explainer videos as your blank canvas. Through well-crafted animation, you can express your business personality and identity more creatively.

A combination of graphics visuals and engaging narrative audio lets you showcase your brand in a way that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

3. Captivate Your Audience

The main characteristic of effective communication is good engagement. Interestingly, people are more likely to leave comments on video content because they find it more interactive and entertaining. 

Explainer videos possess a unique ability to captivate your audience’s attention, thanks to the video’s creative visuals and dynamic flow.

As viewers engage in the storyline and animation of explainer videos, they’re more likely to stay connected and absorb the message of your business.

4. Fuel Your Conversion Rate

When discussing business, conversions are probably the ultimate goal— making sales and earning money.

This key metric is another area where explainer videos play an important role. This type of video guides potential buyers through the decision-making process, helping them understand your products or services better. 

With the proper presentation and a clear call-to-action, explainer videos help you drive potential customers closer to making a purchase.

5. Search Engine Loves Video Contents

Do you know that search engine loves video content on your website? Search engines like Google often provide video previews as search results. 

Google recognizes that many online users watch videos at an impressive pace. This is why having a video on your website helps increase your rank on the first page of search engines’ search results (SERPs).

This means that incorporating explainer videos can boost the SEO of your website, attracting more organic traffic, which can be potential leads for your business.

6. Worth the ROI

Allocating your budget to explainer videos will never go to waste. It’s a strategic investment for your business that provides measurable returns.

Suppose you’re using explainer videos for marketing purposes and spending around $1,000 for the production. It may seem like tons of money, but watch how it generates more sales for your business, letting you capitalize on more profits.

An excellent example is the well-known MVP explainer video of Dropbox back in 2007. With a simple video that cost less than $50,000 to produce, Dropbox successfully raised around $48,000,000 for its start-up company.

Yep, that’s eight figures! Which obviously made more than 1,000% of the ROI. You can also earn a positive ROI for your small business through the right explainer video.

7. Explainer Video is Versatile

Lastly, versatility is among the ultimate reasons to invest in explainer videos. Being flexible is a power in any business strategy, and that is precisely what explainer videos provide. 

Whether you’re showcasing a company profile on your website or highlighting product features on social media, explainer videos can adjust to diverse platforms.

You can also use it as a medium to pitch your business if you plan to scale up and raise some investments.

It effortlessly fits many use cases, conveying your message effectively to the target audience and raising awareness.


Millions of information are posted online every second, creating a more competitive battleground for businesses worldwide. Adopting explainer videos is a smart strategy to make your business stand out, delivering messages in a much simpler but meaningful way.

From strengthening your online presence to increasing conversion rates, an explainer video can be the best long-term investment for your business, particularly if you work on developing a small business and plan to grow big.

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